Just a thought.

Besides that one major/minor discrepancy, I always thought I could love you. Maybe.


six songs

Pick six songs to describe the world: its people and its current state.

Ashes of American Flags - Wilco
Casimir Pulaski Day - Sufjan Stevens
I Feel Like the Mother of the World - Smog
The Card Cheat - the Clash
This Deed - Electrelane
You Ain't Goin' Nowhere - Bob Dylan

Tough, ja? I need a beer.


... makes me want to rock out

How do you get someone to see something that isn't actually there?

I took an IQ test unknowingly and found out mine is in the 97th percentile of those in the 18-24 range. I should use my brain more.

Felix Gonzalez-Torres, I know that it isn't about the light bulbs, it's about the burning out. I don't think I could love anyone who couldn't see it.

I get to carry the casket at the funeral on Wednesday. I just didn't think it was right to find someone Grandpa didn't know to do it when I'm totally capable.

Unlike the installation, our light bulbs don't get replaced. We have to burn alone 'til we end. I'm a little sad you can't see the visual importance of that.

On a less cryptically depressing note, I still think it's funny when people ask me where the White Castle is in MPLS (Blaisdell and Lake folks. Seriously.)



My all time favorite family member died today. I was a long time coming but the room is still spinning. Mom is upstairs calling the family.

Bye Grandpa. Please please please be somewhere good. I know you were scared.

Boran ducz Grandpa! Goodbye forever childhood!


I'm just going to be honest.

It kind of (and by kind of I mean really) sucks that the first guy I've met in a year and am actually really into thinks I'm a total wackjob.

Balls! I'm a loser.


Feels like: -2

So Spencer and I along with Spencer's grandpa and Ace take a walk at seven and already my hair has begun to tangle. My shoes are soaked with dew and by the end of the walk at eight, it's already 82 (feels like 90.) Later we go to LeHunt and come back tick covered and disheveled from our romp through the overgrown ghost town. Anna meets up with us and we go on a hike (get tick covered again) and end up at Elk City Lake where it's only proper that we go for a swim.

I just want to feel the burning upper current mix with the cold dark water against my skin right now. Please winter weather, it's time to end. You may very well literally be killing me.


I want to take a bath

But I can't! New tattoo you see.

Back in school now, so unfortunately. Lawrence is nice, but I can't get over Kansas City. I'm in love.

I just found the girl Rivers Cuomo wrote the song "Pink Triangle" about was not, in fact, a lesbian. I feel like junior year of high school was just crushed.

Christ. There are at least two and a half hours of daylight left. I think I'll take a walk forever.